Automatically download Microsoft sessions published on Channel 9 (TechEd, BUILD etc)

Microsoft publishes recorded sessions and PowerPoint slides of many Microsoft events on Channel 9. Recently TechEd 2014 North America was held in Houston. Over 600 sessions can be watched for free here. 

What if you could download those sessions so you can watch those while offline?

Claus Nilsen wrote a great PowerShell script. It is very easy to use: execute the PowerShell script. You will be presented with a graphical user interface which allows to select the category, author and the event. You can also choose to download the PowerPoint slides, the recorded sessions or both.

Download the script here.



Microsoft TechEd 2014 North America coverage

This post will provide info on blogs and Twitter accounts which cover Microsoft TechEd 2014 in North America. BTW TechEd stands for “Technical Education.”

I will focus on blogs covering infrastructure services like Azure, Windows Server, Hyper-V and System Center.

Microsoft is doing a great job by publishing recordings of all breakout sessions on Channel 9. Free to view for everyone. Sessions of May 12 were available within 24 hours. Some of the breakout sessions are even streamed live. For a schedule see here. 

If you are attending TechEd you can download the PowerPoint slides even before the breakout session starts. Go to and select the session.

Derek Seaman covers many sessions live on his blog . His Twitter account is here.

Aidan Finn does live blogging. His Tweets are here.

David Hill covers TechEd at his website here .  His Tweets are here.

WindowsITPro will have many articles on TechEd.

If you like your blog to be added here, send me an email (mvdb22 at gmail dot com)




Register for free VMware vForum 2014 including free half-day NSX seminar

VMware vForum is an annual free event for organizations interested in VMware solutions. It is targeted at IT-managers, IT architects and other IT-professionals. Sessions do not go deep dive like at events like VMworld.

The event is organized in  24 cities across Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Registration, agenda and more here.


Actually some cities offer two events: one full day offering an overview of all recent VMware solutions. The other event called the NSX Seminar has a duration of about half a day and has a focus on network virtualization and VMware NSX in particular.

vForum 2014 offers presentations on the following solutions (see full agenda for the Netherlands):

  • Storage virtualization using VSAN
  • vSphere with Ops Mgm & vCenter Operations
  • VMware View
  • vCloud Automation Center
  • AirWatch
  • NSX

The agenda for the vForum NSX Seminar is listed here. (agenda for the Netherlands, check your city of interest) It shows

  • a general session
  • a session on  software defined datacenter
  • a session on network virtualization
  • a VMware NSX deep dive

The NSX seminar availability is limited to the cities below

  • May 13, 2014 Tel Aviv
  • May 22, 2014 Madrid
  • May 22, 2014 Moscow
  • June 3, 2014 Darmstadt
  • June 5, 2014 Paris
  • June 5, 2014 Milan
  • June 10, 2014 Johannesburg
  • June 11, 2014 London
  • June 11, 2014 Den Bosch

VMware vForum 2014 is organized in the cities listed below
Western Europe
o Brussels 22nd May 2014
o Copenhagen 20th May 2014
o Darmstadt 03rd June 2014
o Den Bosch 11th June 2014
o Helsinki 06th May 2014
o London 11th June 2014
o Madrid 22nd May 2014
o Manchester 08th July 2014
o Milan 05th June 2014
o Oslo 04th June 2014
o Paris 05th June 2014
o Rome 10th June 2014
o Stockholm 15th May 2014
o Zurich 03rd June 2014
Eastern Europe
o Istanbul 13th June 2014
o Moscow 22nd May 2014
o Prague 06th May 2014
o Tel Aviv 14th May 2014
o Warsaw 06th June 2014
Middle East
o Dubai 10th June 2014
o Riyadh 20th May 2014
o Johannesburg 10th June 2014
o Lagos 02nd July 2014
o Nairobi 08th July 2014

Recordings of NLVMUG Event 2014 are online

The first NLVMUG event was a big succes. Over 600 attendees enjoyed the keynote, many breakout sessions and the different vendor booths.

Recordings of the sessions are now available on YouTube. All but one sessions are in Dutch language. The presentations can also be seen via the NLVMUG YouTube channel.

sessie 1 verschillen en de overeenkomsten in de EUC van Citrix en VMware
sessie 2 Converged Infrastructure and Software-Defined Storage
sessie 3 vCAC 6.0 Unleased
sessie 4 Trend Micro Enhancing Software Defined Datacenter

sessie 5 EMC Virtual Backup met VMware en EMC

sessie 6 Veeam Thinking out of the box

sessie 7 VMware NSX

 sessie 8 SDDC Group Discussion

sessie 9 VMware Puppet

 sessie 10 Fusion IO a high Performance VSAN

sessie 11 Nutanix VDI Design for Hyper-Converged Infrastructures  (english session)

sessie 12 Nible Storage Transformeren van uw Datacenter

sessie 13 Best practices for VDI a Virtual Reality Check

sessie 14 Datacenter Performance in schoendoos formaat

sessie 15 vCenter Operations and the Quest for the missing Metrics

sessie 16 VMware Een kijkje in de keuken van VMware

sessie 17 VMware Virtual SAN

sessie 18 vCloud Automation Center Customer Case Study

sessie 19 Two of a Kind: Virtualization-safe AD & DC Cloning

Some of the presentations are available for download here. You will need a free account to access these files.

• Presentatie Datacenter prestaties in schoenendoos formaat
• Presentatie Flash Based Datacenters VDI and VSAN with Fusion-io
• Presentatie Drink Your Own Champagne Workspace implementation at VMware
• Presentatie VMware NSX overview – VMware
• Presentatie De verschillen en de overeenkomsten in de End User Computing van Citrix en VMware
• Presentatie Enhancing the Software Defined Datacenter – Trend Micro
• Presentatie Virtual Backup met VMware en EMC Erik Zandboer
• Presentatie Converged Infrastructure and Software-Defined Storage
• Presentatie Two of a Kind: Virtualization-safe Active Directory & DC Cloning
• Presentatie Transforming your Datacenter with Nimble Storage – Nimble Storage


NLVMUG Event 2014 agenda available

The agenda for the first NLVMUG event has been published. The event is at March 6 in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The event starts  at 08:30 and ends 17:30 with a drink. Location is Conferentiecentrum 1931.

Unlike allmost all other VMUG events the Dutch version is not free. Attendees pay EURO 49,-

The agenda:

There is also a Platinum Sponsor Workshop , Meet the Experts, Genius Bar, Social Media Room and a VCAP Bootcamp.

More details and registration here.




Register for the free Belgium VMUG meeting

The Belgium VMUG will have its first mini VMworld event at Thursday December 5. This whole day event has some great speakers of for example VMware, Nutanix and EMC. The location of the event is at Schelle near Antwerp so also conveniant located for Dutch people as well (1,5 hour drive from Utrecht).

The event is free. Registration closes at December 4.

Below the program of the day.




VMworld Zoetermeer 2013

Op 25 september verzorgen VMware en KPN in Zoetermeer een mini VMworld. Er zijn diverse technology sessies en 1 sales sessie.

Meer info en inschrijven hier



Gartner being strict on VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 & Microsoft System Center 2012

At Gartner Catalyst Conference 2013 in San Diego a very interesting presentation was given by Alessandro Perilli. He  currently leads the private cloud computing research in the Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research division.

The title of the presentation is “Sizing Up Cloud Management Platforms: Microsoft vs. VMware“.  It can be watched online for FREE here. You just need to register. After registration you can watch three sessions for free.

This session provides an in-depth comparison between two cloud management platforms (CMPs): Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Pack 1, and VMware vCloud Suite 5.1. The session highlights the key differences between the two CMPs in terms of feature set and technical implementation.


To summarize the content of the session:

Gartner developed a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) assessment tool. This tool evaluates CMP’s using over 200 criteria. Gartner started to assess both Microsoft System Center and VMware vCloud Suite.  This research took about 4 months and included many hours spent in homelabs. VMware vCloud Suite scores slightly better, mainly because of its good implementation of charge back and life cycle management. Gartner hopes to force vendors in a certain direction. The criteria in the Reference Architecture Template  are a way to lead vendors to adjust their products so it has features the customers really want.

Hightlights of the presentation

This posting has a summary of what was presented in this session. I very much recommend to watch the session yourself.

Key questions addressed in the session include:

• Which vendor, among Microsoft and VMware, offers an enterprise-grade CMP for large-scale production cloud environments?
• What are the key differences in terms of features and implementation between Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 and VMware vCloud Suite 5.1?
• What weaknesses in each product constrain an organization’s capability to address different use cases for cloud computing?


Alessandro starts with a slide showing the results of the assessment. VMware vCloud Suite (light blue bar) has a higher score than Microsoft System Center. But you need to know the context of how the score was determined before jumping to conclusions.


Gartner compared the most comprehensive edition available  of both products . These are  Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 Datacenter Edition and VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 Enterprise edition.

Both Cloud Management Platforms offer a lot of features which are delivered by various components. However not all components are a must in a CMP according to Gartner.   In SC 2012 Gartner did not consider Data Protection Manager and Endpoint Protection in the assessment.  In vCloud Suite Gartner did not consider Site Recovery Manager and some parts of vCloud Networking and Security in the assessment (because those are part of the virtualization layer).

Gartner reviewed the portions of the suites which are marked in yellow in the slide shown below.

In the picture below you see VS which stands for virtual services. This are virtual machines. The components shown on top of  the virtualization layer are the components Gartner believe are needed to construct a private cloud. The level of integration of the components tells a lot about the maturity of the cloud management platform. The other aspect showing maturity is feature overlap. The more overlap, the less maturity. Gartner sees feature overlap more as a marketing bundle than a cloud management solution.


Gartner described 202 criteria to compare any cloud management platform on the market. The features are divided into three groups: required, preferred and optional

If a product scores 100% in the required features section it is seen as  an enterprise product ready for mission critical deployment on a large scale. Large scale means 10.000 managed objects or more. Gartner states the market of CMP  is highly immature. There are about a hundred cloud management platform vendors. The framework is meant to push vendors in a direction which Gartner believes is important for its clients.

A  feature gets a yes/checkmark  in the scoreboard if the feature is documented and if the feature is ready to be used out of the box. If a vendor professional services is needed to implement a feature , costing the customer money , it will be documented by Gartner as a no for that feature. So some slides show a NO for some features while the product does have the feature. Only the vendor did not have a written statement to prove it actually works.

The slide below shows the components in vCloud Suite and System Center and how they map. In quite a few categories there is an overlap of features delivered by vCloud Director and vCloud Automation Center (vCAC pronounced as vCAKE)

The foundation of vCAC is based on DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center 4.5 software. DynamicOPS  was acquired by VMware in July 2012. The current version of vCAC is 5.1.

DynamicOps and vCloud Director used to be competitors. Now they are part of the same suite. Hence the overlap in features.

vCAC enables automated provisioning of both virtual machines and physical servers (including the guest operating system). Provisioning of both on-premises and cloud infrastructures is supported. vCAC enables authorized end-users to quickly have access to servers without IT having to perform the provisioning. Provisioning is so reduced from days to minutes. More on vCAC in my post here.


In the remaining part of the presentation Alessandro discusses some of the categories and how they scored.

VMware has a clear lead in chargeback, life cycle management  and service catalog category when compared to System Center.

Mind however VMware Chargeback Manager only supports vCloud Director! It does not support VMware  vCloud Automation Center.


The integration of SC Configuration Manager with other components of SC is not exceptional and there is a lot room for improvement.

Lifecycle Management is an extremely important category. The way Lifecycle Management is implemented in vCAC is very wel done compared to Microsoft SC. Gartner is less positive about life cycle management of vCloud Director. Implementation is done in a totally different way than vCAC. So it is important to understand that difference if you are going to upgrade from vCloud Director to vCAC. You will need to learn again how to manage Life Cycle management.

The Platform category has the worst score  for VMware because they have no checkmarks in the required features. They do offer most of the features listed in this category. However they get a NO for all features. This is because Gartner only gives a Yes when features applies to all components of the platfrom.  Support for mainstream operating systems is not uniform across all components of the vCloud Suite (and in lesser extent in SC as well). Also  components of the vCloud Suite use different database technologies. So  one component supports Oracle and  Progress databases while the other only supports only SQL Server. This means the customer has to manage several database soltions.  So because the lack of uniformity VMware vCloud does not get a single Yes in this category.

Gartner confirms what former VMware CTO Steve Herrod has told an Italian VMUG meeting in 2012 that the  VMware’s cloud infrastructure suite is still only loosely integrated and that the company has plans to do better.
See this post at the Register titled VMware CTO reveals future directions in VMUG Speech in Italy says acquired techs ‘don’t work well enough together yet’
Also VMware did not provide written support statement for some of the features in this category. Another requirement to get a checkmark.


One of the last slides of the presentation is Recommendations.


One of the recommendations is:  to take your time. Building a prive cloud is not an easy task to perform. Zero to cloud in 20 minutes as some vendor says is a dream. Organizations will start to implement one or max two components of the suite and add more later on. Give priority to implementation of the features you require.

Gartner already has a paper describing SC 2012 . It is titled Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1: In-depth Assessment for Cloud Management. Written by Alessandro Perilli (G00235076). More information on this 69 pages paper here. For VMware vCloud Suite the paper will be released by Gartner around mid august 2013.

Gartner sees a growing interest in SC2012 especially by customers of which VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is about to expire. Those customers are starting to look around for alternatives. Gartner also sees a good penetration of the market of the DynamicOps  (now VMware vCAC) product in enterprises.
Customers using VMware vCloud Director ran into limitations of the product over time and start looking for alternatives.
The long term stratey of cloud management platform vendors is to replace individual components customers already use by their own solutions. Contrary to what vendors tell, the integration with other vendor solutions is not so good. Think about integration of CMP with Servicedesk tooling or Self Service portals.

Register for VMware Partner Exchange On Tour 2013


VMware Partner Exchange On Tour, are regional events dedicated to educating and enabling VMware partners for success with VMware. On Tour events take the best sessions from VMware Partner Exchange, our annual global partner conference, and then add some regional focus to provide you with the tools and information you need to successfully sell and deploy VMware solutions in the year ahead.


VMware Partner Exchange On Tour is the place for you to learn how to grow and transform your business for the cloud era with VMware.

  • Hear first-hand from regional VMware executives
  • Gain insights to identify customer needs effectively in your region
  • Get enabled with content designed for your job role and business needs
  • Walk away with go-to-market selling strategies that enable you to accelerate your business in your region

You also won’t want to miss the opportunity to engage with VMware experts locally to learn about new partner programs, explore best practices and understand the training roadmap.

Registration for Partner Exchange on Tour 2013 here.

Registration is now open for the cities below. Registration for other cities will open soon.  Dates and locations for EMEA countries listed below.

March 20: Beijing, China
April 4: Singapore
April 8-9: Mumbai, India
April 16: Seoul, S. Korea
April 18: Tokyo, Japan


EMEA VMware Partner Exchange on Tour 2013 dates and locations announced

VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) is an annual event held in the United States dedicated for VMware partners. It is a kind of small VMworld but more focus on sales, marketing and technical roadmaps. Also some great breakout sessions showing future technology.

Lots of partners are for various reasons not able to attend this event. For that reason VMware organizes the VMware Partner Exchange on Tour event in many cities around the globe. This one day event presents the highlights of PEX.

Partner Exchange on Tour will visit many cities in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific. Dates and locations for EMEA are announced and shown below. VMware partners will soon receive more information on how to register.

Mind this event can only be attended by VMware partners!



Microsoft TechDays 2012 Switserland presentations online

Microsoft Switzerland’s largest technology event took place for the 9th time this November in Lausanne and Basel. At both locations TechDays 12 Switzerland offered two full days of high quality content for software developers, architects and ITPros. The reason for two events in the same country is the language used at the event:

Lausanne: French (Primary) and English
Basel: German (Primary) and English

Some examples of  ITPro sessions are about Exchange, SQL 2012 , Lync, BizTalk and Hyper-V/SCVMM.

The slides of the sessions are available online. Most of the slides are in English language.

Recordings of the sessions should be made available soon at Channel9.

To download the slides, click here.

TechDays Microsoft 2012 Switserland ITPro

Some examples for sessions on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and SCVMM.

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V – The next chapter
System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager
Verwandlung einer VMware vSphere Infrastruktur in eine Private Cloud mit System Center 2012
Windows Server 2012 Storage

UK VMUG slides available

At November 15 the UK VMUG organized a userconference. The agenda was full of interesting sessions.

Slides of presentations below can be downloaded here. Then click on the folder named

_NEW – UKVMUG, 15th November 2012 – NEW

More presentations are expected to be added later.

Tom Howarth – Deep Dive VDI – Perfect Storm.pptx
Alan Renouf and William Lam – Practical Automation.pdf
Julian Wood – vSphere Networking and Converged IO with Blade Servers.pdf
Scott Lowe – Staying Sharp and Relevant in IT.pdf
Ricky El-Qasem – Getting Started with VMware Apps.pptx

Belgium VMUG Meeting at November 9 will be a mini VMworld

The Belgium VMUG organizes their annual VMUG Meeting at November 9 near Brussels. The free event promises to be a sort of mini VMworld with well known and respected speakers like Cormac Hogan, Alan Renouf , William Lam, Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping and Mike Laverick all being employees of VMware. There will be also sessions from vendors like Veeam, Symantec and NetApp.


  • 8u00 – Registration and Coffee
  • 9u00 – Welcome (Erik Schils)
  • 9u15 – Protecting vCenter (Gert van Gorp, Raido)
  • 9u45 – Super-Fast Agentless Recovery of Objects (file, email, table…) from VMDK Thanks to Symantec
    V-Ray Patented Technology – A 30 minute deep technical discussion on how exactly Symantec V-ray
    technology allows you to retrieve very fast a file, email, tablespace, AD entry, back without overhead,
    extra storage or advanced mounting skills. (Kim Apers, Symantec)
  • 10u15 – Break
  • 10u35 – PCoIP: Working Across the Entire Enterprise (Scott Murnan, Teradici)
  • 11u15 – Track 1: Are You Ready for the Flash? (Hans De Leenheer, Veeam)
               Track 2: The Software-Defined Datacenter: My Personal Perspective (Mike Laverick, VMware)
  • 12u00 – Lunch
  • 13u00 – Track 1: vSphere 5.1 Storage Features and VSA 5.1 Technical Deep Dive (Cormac Hogan, VMware)
    Track 2: Powershell Session (Alan Renouf and William Lam, VMware)
  • 14u00 – Room Change
  • 14u05 – SHIFT HAPPENS: Accelerating Virtualization by Revolutionizing the Infrastructure (Scott Baker, NetApp)
  • 14u35 – Architecting a Secure VMware VDI Solution (Tom Arentsen, Nubera)
  • 15u15 – Break
  • 15u35 – Designing a vSphere Deployment for Cisco UCS (Ramses Smeyers, Cisco)
  • 16u15 – Clustering Q&A: Ask Anything You Ever Wanted to Know About HA, DRS, SDRS, SIOC or Stretched
    Clusters (Frank Denneman and Duncan Epping, VMware)
  • 17u15 – Prize Drawings (Including 2 books from Pearson, 3 packages, and USB snake lights)
  • 17u30 – Closing Drinks

Registration and details here.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 sessions online

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is an event for Microsoft partners targeted at sales and marketing staff. Sessions are about Microsoft strategy, how to sell Microsoft solutions etc.

While not very technical still some sessions can be interesting for people with a technical role. Some of the sessions are on how Microsoft competes with VMware for example.An example is a session titled Did You Know: What VMware Does Not Want Your Customers to Know

Some of the sessions are recorded and available for free viewing here.

MMS 2012 sessions online

Recorded sessions held at Microsoft Management Summit 2012 can viewed by everyone for free. Recordings are added daily.

MMS is all about Microsoft System Center solutions, deployment tools and other management of a Microsoft infrastructure.  It offers over 175 breakout sessions across 5 technical tracks. That is a lot of content to take in! If you are unable to attend the event, or even if you will be there in person, you’ll be able to view any sessions, including keynotes, you may have missed within 24 hours of the live presentation on the Digital MMS site. Access is easy – just log in with your preferred social credentials, find the session you want, and click the Play icon.

To see the sessions go to

If you like to download recorded sessions (.wmv format) for offline viewing see this PowerShell script by Stefan Roth.
If you like to download the PowerPoint presentations, see this download for a ZIP file containing all PPT files.

Mind not all sessions presented at MMS are listed in sessions.txt file. See for more sessions

Some examples of sessions presented at MMS2012:

Hyper-V Storage and Networking in Windows Server  8
Windows Server “8” Hyper-V revolutionizes the way your IT will use networking and storage. In this session, we cover the changes to the Windows Server “8” Hyper-V storage and networking stack. We dive into the enhancements around the new virtual disk format, integrating new storage industry innovations around offloaded data transfer and large sector disks, and detail the new storage options for Hyper-V including Storage spaces and SMB file storage. We also overview Networking Virtualization, and new networking enhancements including NIC teaming, Quality of Service and the new Hyper-V Extensible Switch.

Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 to 2012: Things You Need to Know

Using Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 and want to get to know all the new features of System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager? Then this session is for you. This session provides a technical overview of Virtual Machine Manager 2012 to kick start your understanding of all new features and take your virtualization management to whole new levels. Relate the major capabilities of Virtual Machine Manager 2012 with your technical pain points in your environment, and learn about the full power that the System Center 2012 can now provide your virtualized environment.

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