Gartner releases Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. Microsoft Azure now a leader.

Gartner published the Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service at May 28 , 2014. The document provides an overview of IaaS and which providers offer this service. To be included in the MQ providers had to meet various criteria. In total 25+ scoring categories are used to determine placement.

A free reprint of the Magic Quadrant  is available here. 

Amazon Web Services is far ahead of the rest of the providers. The marketshare on compute capacity is about 87 %, 5 times more than the total capacity combined of all other providers.  They are thought leaders, have a mature offering and offer much more capacity.

Microsoft  is the only other company listed in the Leader quadrant. Their IaaS offering Azure is listed for the first time ever in the Leaders quadrant.

Google and VMware vCHS are added for the first time to the MQ.


The MQ is very interesting to read! It offers a lot of information on the market. For an explanation see this blog of Lydia Leong, analyst of Gartner.

Not everyone is impressed by the MQ. Some believe the gap between Amazon and Microsoft should be bigger. Lydia Leong states the move up and to the right of Microsoft is mostly because of the company’s remarkable market power and less because of the growth in technical features.

Microsoft is present in almost any organization and is able to buy itself into the IaaS market. For example by giving away free Azure credits for Enterprise Agreement customers. Microsoft also shown a lot of vision.

Below the MQ for May 2014.

Gartner MQ IaaS May 2014


Below the MQ for IaaS on August 2013 


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