TechEd 2013 recorded sessions available and how to download

As always Microsoft makes   recorded sessions of TechEd available online for free about 24 hours after the session ends. I  think this is a great way to share knowledge, let customers study for upcoming releases. Many vendors should do the same thing.

Sessions of TechEd North America 2013 can be watched at Channel 9.  

Each individual session can be downloaded by selecting Save As. If you want to download all or a lot of sessions this is a lot of work.

It is also possible to automatically download sessions you want using a tool made by Tim Nilimaa. It is a very easy to use tool. No install, just execute. Then select the quality of the download (MP4 HD etc), set the download folder, refresh sessions, select sessions for download, press download and ready!

The tool can also be used to download sessions of MMS 2013. 185 sessions are available!

update June 06

Tim made on request a new release of Session Downloader which is able to not only download the recorded sessions but also the Powerpoint pptx files! Great job Tim. download Session Downloader 0.4 here.
At this moment 169 sessions are available for download.

update June 13
Tom Arbuthnot wrote a PowerShell script which is able to download sessions and Powerpoint slides as well. The Easy thing about this is you can select sessions easily.

More info in this post #PowerShell Download-TechEdSessions Script, Download all the #TechedNA 2013 Sessions

Session downloader


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