New arrival: PernixData hypervisor of server-side Flash

Today a new company named PernixData (pernix means agile) came out of stealth mode. This company has a future product which potentially can bring a revolution in the virtualized datacenter.

The software PernixData delivers is able to virtualize flash and SSD storage located in servers and make this available as  a distributed, replicated write-through and write-back cache. This enables high performance IO reads and writes as hot storage is located close to the workload. Other data like userfiles, profiles, lower tier application data is still stored on traditional shared storage using regular  lower cost harddisks.

Write-back cache is a performance enhancement as writes are confirmed to the application as soon as they are received in the cache. However when the caching fails the data is lost. PernixData solves this by mirroring the data in cache to at least one other server.

PernixData first product is named PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) . The software will not be delivered as a virtual appliance or hardware appliance but embedded in the hypervisor (VMware vSphere)

I very much recommend to read the blogs listed below for more information!

Howard Marks has a great posting explaining the technology in a blog titled Server-Side Caching Gets Smarter Via Startup PernixData

Duncan Epping has an informative blog as well. Read Introducing startup PernixData – Out of stealth!

Frank Denneman has written a blog with a lot of detail: PernixData Flash Virtualization Platform will revolutionize virtual infrastructure ecosystem design

Benjamin Troch writes about his testing of the beta here.



About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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