VMware released VMware vCloud Connector 2.0

VMware vCloud Connector 2.0 has been released at December 20. The software enables management of private and public clouds in one interface. Click here for an overview of features.

Release notes are here.

vcloud connector 2.0

New features are:

  • Datacenter Extension
    Enables you to extend your private datacenter to a public vCloud. You can move virtual machines and vApps from your private datacenter to a public vCloud, retain their original network settings, and continue to use them as if they were still in your private datacenter. You use the Datacenter Extension feature through the Stretch Deploy command in vCloud Connector.
  • Content Sync
    Enables you to synchronize templates across clouds. You can publish a folder or catalog of templates to a Content Library, have users subscribe to it, and keep the templates synchronized for all subscribed users.
  • Cross-cloud Search
    Enables you to search for a virtual machine, vApp, or template across all the clouds that you have added to your vCloud Connector installation.
  • Multi-tenant Node
    Enables public vCloud Service Providers or system administrators of private vCloud Director clouds to install one vCloud Connector Node for the cloud. Multiple organizations on the cloud can use that Node.
  • Copy and deploy in one operation
    Provides the ability to copy and deploy in one step, as well as the option of using the commands separately.
  • New User Interface
    Includes new Copy and Deploy wizards, new interface for Tasks, Details panel, and new cross-cloud search, among others.

About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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