VMware VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 1.2 available for download

Today VMware released VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 1.2

Automatically Discover Application Services

Discover applications and map their dependences to get visibility into the application services running over the VM and supporting infrastructure and their inter-relationships. Seamless integration into vCenter provides continuous application discovery and dependency mapping to virtual and adjoining physical environments.

  • vSphere integration propagates automated fast application discovery and real-time updates
  • Incorporated knowledge base recognizes and automatically identifies discovered applications
  • Real-time integration automatically updates any changes in the application environment
  • Map dependencies to external IPs such as adjoining physical servers one hop away
  • User definition for discovered custom and other packaged applications
  • Provide a common vocabulary for Infrastructure and Application teams

Proactive Virtualization Management

Use vCenter Infrastructure Navigator to leverage the application dependency context to proactively managing virtual infrastructure: resources, problem trends, changes, and end user availability and performance issues.

  • Performance Triage. Use Application to VM dependencies to rapidly triage application issues and either eliminate or implicate the virtual infrastructure for reduced MTTR.
  • Proactive Performance Planning. Proactively plan and avoid VM resource starvation as cause of application issues by understanding what applications and dependencies are served up by the virtual infrastructure.
  • Impact Management. Manage changes (planned or unplanned) by gauging the impact on applications.

Better Define Protections Groups and Recovery Plans

vCenter Infrastructure Navigator provides the complete Application context as basis for defining vApps.

  • Complete Group Accuracy. Easy grouping by instantly and accurately identifying an application’s associated virtual machines

Download here.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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