VMware will start it’s own Infrastructure As A Service public cloud codename Zephyr

VMware will start it’s own public cloud for Infrastructure as a Service soon which will compete with similar services offered by Microsoft (Azure) , Amazon and Google.  The project has codename  “Zephyr”  which is an ancient Greek name for a breeze coming from the west.

CRN reports VMware has purchased a large part of a datacenter in Nevada for housing of the service. When VMware offers public cloud IaaS it will compete with it’s own vCloud service providers like Verizon , Blue Lock or ZX. They have been offering public cloud based on VMware solutions like vCloud Director for a while now. According to unnamed VMware sources the speed of growth of VMware solutions based public cloud is not fast enough to compete with similar services of Microsoft, Amazon and Google. It is likely organizations will be using hybrid clouds for the next years. When customers select Azure for their public cloud it is likely they will use Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V for their private cloud.

The recent acquisition by VMware of Software Defined Networking firm Nicira fits well in the strategy of VMware to get a larger part of the public cloud space. The same applies for the acquisition of DynamicOps.

vCloud service providers are not happy with the plans of VMware. They are not yet informed and fear a part of their business will be taken away by VMware. It is likely VMware is able to offer much lower pricing because the company owns the software to run a public cloud. Also storage of mother EMC can be purchased by VMware for a low prices or even for nothing

More news on postings at CRN.com

VMware’s ‘Project Zephyr’ Challenges Amazon, Microsoft In Public Cloud Battle.  and VMware Poised For Public Cloud Splash, But Partners Still Reeling and VMware Service Provider Partners Bracing For Project Zephyr


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