Windows Server 2012 Offload Data Transfer (ODX) to be supported by EMC storage

Today at Microsoft TechEd Orlando EMC announced it is committed to delivering broad storage platform support for Windows Server 2012, including SMB 3.0 and Offload Data Transfer (ODX) across EMC VNX, EMC VMAX, EMC Isilon after Microsoft’s general availability.

Dell started to offer ODX for Windows Server 2012 in it’s PS-series firmware 6.0.0 which was released at July 23.

By utilizing ODX data copy/move actions  like cloning a virtual machine and storage migration  be much quicker and consume less resources of the host. Also almost no network traffic will be generated.

Mind that SCVMM 2012 SP1 will not support ODX for provisioning of new VMs using templates !!

Without ODX blocks of data from the source virtual disk (template, source VM) was copied over the storage network to the Hyper-V host and then written back over the network to the destination location. This takes lots of time, network and CPU utilization on the host. While this is might not an issue for small environments, but for elastic clouds, VDI, IaaS etc this could be a problem.

EMC storage was used in the June 11 Microsoft keynote at TechED for a ODX transfer. A 10 GB large file was copied in 10 seconds!

Read the EMC pressrelease featuring some other Windows Server 2012 support here.

Other vendors which announced they will support ODX are: Dell, HP, IBM and NetApp.

See a posting of Hans Vredevoort at on NetApp ODX support here.

NetApp has made a nice video showing how fast a copy is using SMB3 and ODX. ODX will be part on ONTAP soon.

Information on Dell EqualLogic ODX support here.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

2 Responses to Windows Server 2012 Offload Data Transfer (ODX) to be supported by EMC storage

  1. Vijay Tewari says:

    Great post Marcel. You are correct that use of ODX provides customers with great optimization when it comes to migrations. Just want to point out that at this time we are exploring if using VMM ODX can be used to provision the VM (from the VMM library). Other operations as you mention will use ODX.


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