VMware vCenter CapacityIQ end of life

VMware announced that vCenter CapacityIQ is end of life. It is not sold anymore as an individual product but is integrated in the new  vCenter Operations Management Suite.

Press release is shown here:

As dynamic virtual and cloud infrastructure requires an analytics-based, holistic approach to performance, capacity and configuration management, we have completely integrated functionality previously found in vCenter CapacityIQ in our new vCenter Operations Management Suite. The vCenter Operations Suite incorporates the capacity management features of vCenter CapacityIQ and offers many additional capabilities and enhancements over the standalone product.

In an effort to simplify and streamline our product portfolio, the vCenter Operations Suite replaces vCenter CapacityIQ and we have decided to discontinue sales of vCenter CapacityIQ as a standalone product effective January 24, 2012.

As a customer of vCenter CapacityIQ with an active support and subscription (SnS) contract, you are entitled to upgrade to the vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced edition free of charge. By taking advantage of this entitlement, you’ll be able to access not only an enhanced set of capacity management features, you’ll also benefit from analytics-based performance management capabilities and a new operations management dashboard only available in vCenter Operations.

We will continue to provide technical support for vCenter CapacityIQ in line with our General Support Policy through December 1, 2012.

For more information about the vCenter Operations Management Suite, please visit http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-operations.

For more information about the availability of vCenter CapacityIQ, please visit http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-capacityiq/overview.html or contact your VMware or VMware reseller partner representative.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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