Failure to Live Migrate Hyper-V virtual machine (error 10698)

While performing a Live Migration using either Failover Cluster Manager or SCVMM the migration fails with error 10698. 

Virtual machine <virtual machine name>  could not be live migrated to virtual machine host <hyper-v host name> using this cluster configuration.

(Unspecified error (0x80004005))

The cause is most likely a misconfiguration of the networks used in the cluster. Start Failover Cluster Manager, select Networks and check if all the nodes in the cluster share the same network. It is likely the target node is listed in another network because of a configuration error (different subnet mask). Adjust the subnet mask and automatically the target node will be shown in the correct network. To have a succesfull Live Migration, reboot the target Hyper-V node.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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