All you need to know about VMware Europe 2011

Last update: September 9

This posting will inform about VMware Europe which will be held in Copenhagen October 28-20.

Latest News:
The opening keynote on October 18 will be done by CTO Steve Herrod. Untill now the opening keynote was always done by Paul Maritz. His keynote will now be on Thursday.

General info

This years theme is Own It. Your cloud.

VMworld has a lot to offer:

  • 115 Breakout sessions with a lot of technical information on all VMware solutions.
  • Group discussions. This is for a limited number of attendees. It is not a presentation where the presenter talks and the audience listens. There is a lot of interaction between the attendees. Experiences can be exchanged. These sessions are not recorded.
  • Solution Exchange. A large hall with booths of 125 leading vendors showing their solutions and doing demos.
  • 20+ Hands on labs: here you can work with VMware software in a lab environment and get to know the products. Very cool.
  • Partner sessions. Information exclusively for VMware partners with info on selling the solutions. The Partner sessions will be presented on Monday October 17.
  • Party: on Wednesday evening a big party will be held, most likely with a famous band or artist.
  • Networking. Lots of other people with knowledge and experience on VMware solutions will attend VMworld. There are a lot of parties which are an excellent opportunity to meet other people and do networking. Make sure to bring your business cards.

If you are in doubt whether to go or not, see this posting titled
Top 10 Reasons to Attend VMworld


  • Be sure to visit the hands-on-labs. There might be a possibility that somewhere in the future the labs can be done anywhere anytime but for now VMworld will be the only place to play with all the VMware solutions in a lab!
  • Do not try to schedule the whole day with breakout sessions. These are recorded so you can watch them later
  • Do networking. Lots of great people are at VMworld willing to exchange ideas, knowledge etc
  • Be sure the visit the Solution Exchange. Some great solutions can be seen. Also very good for swag (give-aways like t-shirts, iPad, storage etc)
  • Group discussions are a great way to meer other customers of VMware and share experiences. Limited number of seats!

Convince your boss
You already know how important VMworld 2011 is for your organization. Covering every aspect of virtualization and cloud computing, this once-a-year-event will provide essential opportunities for hands-on instruction, product evaluation, networking and brainstorming. The business impact of your VMworld participation, including increased simplicity, agility and cost efficiency, makes this one of the best IT investments your company will make all year.

Continue here and download a letter for your boss

Schedule Builder
The schedule builder went live on September 8. Use it to register for break out sessions. New this year, attendees must pre-register for sessions.

Without pre-registration, you will not be given access to any breakout sessions. However, while at VMworld USA 2o11 I could enter sessions while not having pre-registered. There is a standby line. As the rooms were very big there were always seats available. 3 minutes before the start of the session the standby line people are giving access to the room.

Read more about the session builder here.
More info will be added as it comes available….

About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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