VMware announces Global Connect and vCloud Connector 1.5

At VMworld VMware announced Global Connect. Global Connect enables VMware vCloud datacenter customers having a single contract with a selected  VMware Service Provider to deploy virtual machines in a datacenter of another Service Provider part of Global Connect. So lets say an organization has virtual  machines running in a datacenter of Bluelock in the USA and wants to run a virtual machine in Singapore. As Bluelock does not have a datacenter located in Singapore, the customer can deploy vm’s in the datacenter of SingTel using the same Bluelock contract.

For legal reasons (privacy, safe harbour etc)virtual machines must be running in a certain country. Global Connect prevents having to negotiate a new contract with SLA etc.  with another service provider.

Members of Global Connect are :
Bluelock in North America
Colt in Europe
SingTel for Asia/Pacific
SoftBank for Japan

All these service providers have the same basic Service Level Agreement which is defined by VMware and guarantees a minimal uptime. They also have the same security control set.

Read the press relaeas here

VMware launched a new website for customers to be able to find vCloud Service Providers. It is at http://vcloud.vmware.com The website makes it very easy to test drive/evaluate the services of  a  selected number of vCloud Service Provider and using vCloud Connector to tranfers virtual machines to the Service Provider environment. Test drive is available for Virtacore, Colt, iland and Bluelock.

New to the vCloud Datacenter program is Dell. It is the 7th member of the vCloud Datacenter Program. Other are Bluelock, Colt, CSC, SingTel, Softbank and Verizon. vCloud Datacenter members have implemented an architecture which was designed by VMware. This enables a globally consistent public cloud datacenter.

vCloud Connector 1.5 is new and is in beta next week. The current 1.0 version used a virtual appliance to transfer VM’s between private and public cloud. The 1.5 version is agent based.  It enables multiple parallel connections and retries tranfers if they fail. Transfers are faster than in the 1.0 version. It is used to connect, manage and transfer clouds. It enables VMware customers to manage both their private and public cloud environment from a single console (the vSphere client). Operations like view, copy and deploy VMs/templates , perform power operations  , access VM consoles. Also new is web access.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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