Hyper-V Replica new in Windows 8

While there was a tsunami of information about VMware vSphere 5 and Site Recovery Manager 5 at July 12  2011 Microsoft announced some enhancements for it’s next release of Hyper-V to be included in Windows 8. Windows 8 Server is expected to be released around April 2012.

Hyper-V Replica will deliver the same kind of functionality as VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 will do. In SRM 5.0 a new feature is added called vSphere Replication. This used to be called host based replication. vSphere Replication is able to replicate at the VM level. However, vSphere Replication is not application consistent while Hyper-V Replica is. Also replication schedule can be set per VM while vSphere Replication schedule is the same for all VM’s running on the same host.

Taken from TechNet

Hyper-V Replica. Today, replication is complex to configure and often requires expensive proprietary hardware. Hyper-V Replica is asynchronous, application consistent, virtual machine replication built-in to Windows Server 8. With Hyper-V Replica, you can replicate a virtual machine from one location to another with Hyper-V and a network connection. Hyper-V Replica works with any server vendor, any network vendor and any storage vendor. In addition, we will provide unlimited replication in the box.

Taken from diTii.com

“Hyper-V Replica feature provides asynchronous virtual machine replication. All users will need is Hyper-V and a network connection. Users will be able to schedule replication to happen immediately or later. The new feature will allow users to do things such as replicate their mission-critical database to an offsite data vendor. Woolsey said that Microsoft will be vendor-agnostic with this and support multiple storage, datacenter and software/service providers,” revealed the softies.

Hyper-V relica can  be enabled very easily. Select the VM from Hyper-V manager, right mouse click, enable Replication. See the next screendumps which were taken from the first public demo of Windows Server 8. The demo start at minute 37″.


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