Cost effective virtualization with VMware and Veeam Essentials!

For small and medium business, branch offices and home offices only a limited number of computing resources are needed for server virtualization. To start a minimum of two hosts is needed. It delivers high availability. When three hosts are used, depending on the specifications of the host, quite some virtual machines can be hosted. 20 to 40 virtual machines on 3 64 GB hosts using VMware vSphere should be no problem if the storage array can handle the iops.

VMware has 2 cost effective vSphere editions for organizations using 6 CPU’s maximum called vSphere Essentials and vSphere Essentials Plus. Essentials Plus has features like Update Manager,  HA for High Availability and vMotion. The same feature set as Microsoft Hyper-V.

Essentials Plus list price is Euro 2835 or $ 4000,- and can be used for 3 hosts (2 cpu’s per host, max 6 cores per CPU)

Veeam has 2 very cost effective solutions for VMware customers which buys VMware Essentials or Essentials Plus. The solutions are called Veeam Essentials and Veeam Essentials Plus. It is a suite of software: Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Monitor, Veeam Reporter and Veeam BusinessView. The suite can be used to manage/protect maximum 6 CPU’s.
To compare,:
a 6 CPU license for Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise alone will cost Euro 4746 or $ 6700,-
a 6 CPU Veeam Essentials Plus (B&R, Monitor, Reporter) will cost Euro 3080,- or $ 4345,-

So by limiting the number of VMware hosts to three quite some money can saved!

About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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