Serious Issue with Veeam B&R 5.0.2 Restore Point Retention!!

Veeam released version 5.0.2 of Veeam Backup & Replication at April 1. A new features has been added which deletes virtual machines from backup if those virtual machines are not longer existent in your virtual infrastructure. Could be handy for some situations.

<update May 10>: in the meanwhile Veeam has quickly fixed this bus. Build does not have this bug and is available for download.
Build is the one with the bug and should be upgraded as soon as possible!

However, due to a bug this feature can lead to unwanted deletions of virtual machine backups.

Taken from this sticky thread at the forum:

After upgrading to version 5.0.2, the next backup job run deletes all restore points older than 14 days.

New “Deleted VMs retention period” feature is behaving incorrectly, causing backup files older than specified amount of days to be deleted even if they contain VMs which had not been deleted from infrastructure.

This issue affects any backup jobs with retention policy for data on disk longer than default settings (which are: 14 restore points, daily backups). If you had previously changed default retention policy to large amount of restore points, “Deleted VMs retention period” will take priority and remove restore points older than 14 days, no matter of required restore point count settings.

Calculate the amount of days matching your restore point count retention policy. Then, open backup job settings and increase the new “Deleted VMs retention period” on “Backup Destination” step to the calculated value. For examples, for 90 restore points and daily backups, set “Deleted VMs retention period” to 90 days. For 100 restore points and backing up 2 times per day, set “Deleted VMs retention period” to 50 days.

If you implement the above workaround after upgrading to 5.0.2, but before backup your jobs run, you will avoid losing older restore points. Veeam is working on implementing correct behavior of the “Deleted VMs retention period”. We will update everyone when the new product build fixing the issue is available.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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