VMware VCAP-DCA links

In this blogposting I will collect interesting links to more information on preparing for the VMware VCAP-DCA exam.

The exam is very new. It has been available since January 2010. At the time of writing arounf 65 people have passed the exam.

The exam is done by using a simulation. There are no multiple choice questions. You have to click your way through vCenter Server and command lines to finish around 40 tasks.

Most people find the exam one of the most difficult they ever did although with lots of hours of study it can be done. Very important is to train yourself using a home lab. Just reading documents will not be enough.

During the exam VMware documentation is available but probably you will not have much time to find certain information.

Below are links to sites and videos. Have fun and good luck!

VCAP4-DCA Exam Blueprint Guide. VMware document which describes all the information you need to know to pass the exam!

Exam demo of VMware. This demo shows the user interface of the exam. Very usefull!

vExperienced.co.uk Lots of good info on various objectives

VMware VCAP-DCA Study Guide MindMap by Chris Dadswel

 VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Training. Has some good training on parts of the objectives for DCAP-DCA. Presented by David Davis.

vExpert David Davis: My VCAP-DCA Exam Experience Very comprehensive overview of the VCAP-DCA exam including experience. Written by the presenter of the TrainSignal video .

Sean Crookston VCAP-DCA. Overview of a lot of objectives

VCAP-DCA Objective 1.1 : Implement and Manage Complex Storage Solutions by Sean Crookston

video: VCAP-DCA Objective 2.1 : Implement and Manage Complex Virtual Networks

A long list of links to various information by vSphere-land.com

Information on VCAP-DCA on virtual-vargi.blogspot.com

VCAP Datacenter Administration Exam Landing Page VDCA410. Lots of information and links at http://www.kendrickcoleman.com/index.php?/Tech-Blog/vcap-datacenter-administration-exam-landing-page-vdca410.html

TheSaffaGeek . Lots of information on both VCAP-DCA en VCAP-DCD

VCAP-DCA exam  experience by Eric Sloof
video: VCAP-DCA Prep Video – Configure SNMP for ESX/ESXi by Eric Sloof

vExperienced.co.uk   VCAP-DCA Study notes–5.2 Complex Update Manager environments
ProfessionalVMware brownbags

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