VMworld day 1 report

Day one started as usual with the general session. This time the cloud was the buzzword at the keynote. I am not going in details as they can be found everywhere. The keynote video can be seen here http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/europe2010/generalsessions.

I did not hear anything new, except maybe there will be a vCenter client for iPad available soon.

This year more than 6000 persons have registered, a new record and much more compared to the 4700 of last year when the event was held in Cannes. I guess the event will not return to Cannes anymore as the venue  is just too small to handle so many people. A pity as I liked Cannes. Very comfortable cinema type of seats, nice conference rooms. In Cophenhagen lots of big halls, lots of concrete floors, plastic seats and large crowds. But the Solutions Exchange hall is nicely integrated into the space where the sessions are held and where the hands on labs are held.

The Solutions Exchange seems to be a bit smaller than last year in Cannes. Also I really miss some nice goodies. The usual t-shirts and pens are there, but I believe the more interesting goodies are not here this year. Never mind 😉 The reception party at the end of day one was quite nice. Lots of beer, lots of young ladies serving sate, meatballs, pineapple covered in chocolade.

Attended several presentations today. Hardly heard anything really new that is not available on the internet. Nowadays lots and lots of good information can be found on the internet. I noticed some information was repeated in several sessions.Storage I/O control is a nice new feature which will help to control the I/O needs of your virtual machines.

The best thing of this years VMworld is the hands on labs. Very well organized. Last year you had to report which lab you liked to do and had to wait quite a while before you could do the lab, depending on the popularity of the lab. Now all seats are able to deliver any of the labs. The whole organization seems to be very efficient. The quality of the labs varies. Some you are extremely focussused on perforing the tasks in the lab without being able to learn what the product actually does. Found the Orchestrator lab a bit complicated with losts of screen to be filled in. Will do some more labs tomorrow as labs cannot be done when VMworld finishes, while the presentations are available for viewing in a few weeks times.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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