Platespin Discovery Troubleshooting

PlateSpin Migrate is a great tool but you can get frustrated when troubleshooting seemingly simple problems.

When running PlateSpin Migrate server discovery today we encountered a “System Error 67 Networkpath Not Found” error. As usual PlateSpin is non-descriptive about the issue and your on your own to solve it. Since I like troubleshooting I attempted to fix it, this took quite a while ( see pic 😉 ).

When frustration strikes 😦

We got this error when attempting to P2V a hardened Citrix server. Since hardened servers have many restrictions it was likely to be an access denied somewhere in the system. After running many,many tests I finally cracked it.

To solve our specific problem I found three critical requirements necessary for succesful discovery.

1. Make sure there is an Admin$ share pointing to C:\Windows (or C:\Winnt) with adequate rights. Usually only local Administrators should have full control.

2. Make sure the Remote Registry service is running.

3. Discover the server using an FQDN


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My name is Willem Bermon and am currently exploring the depths of virtualization.

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