Version 9 of Novell PlateSpin Migrate to be released in June

Novell announced it will release new versions of PlateSpin Migrate, PlateSpin Protect and PlateSpin Forge.

<update July 6, 2010>

This version of PlateSpin Migrate will probably support distributed virtual switches (vDS) available since the release of vSphere 4 in Q1 2009. The current version 8.1.3 does not support distributed switches. To be able to convert to a vSphere 4 environment using version 8.1.3 or earlier , you will need to create a standard switch with a virtual machine port group at at least  one of your hosts.

PlateSpin Migrate 9 – Extending its leadership as the industry’s most trusted server migration tool, PlateSpin Migrate decouples server workloads from their underlying hardware and enables anywhere-to-anywhere migration over the network between physical servers, virtual hosts and image archives. New to PlateSpin Migrate, Linux Live Transfer and Linux Live “Server Sync” reduce downtime and risk when migrating business critical Linux workloads. Additionally, as organizations move more critical server workloads into a virtual infrastructure, PlateSpin Migrate now supports the movement of Windows Clusters between physical and virtual infrastructures.

PlateSpin Migrate 9, PlateSpin Protect 10 and PlateSpin Forge 3 will be generally available this month (June 2010).

Read the Press Release here:


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