Platespin migrate troubleshooting

I will use this post for posting information on troubleshooting Platespin migrate issues.

  • Issue: discovering server details failed. The network path was not found 

This is most likey because the remote registry service on the source server is not running. Start the server and rerun the discovery job.

  • Issue: conversion job stalls at step 16.3: Configuring operating system.

Each job stall at step 16.3 of a Copy or Move Workload job. Error is Failed to get file, remote file  takecontrol.flp from the following location https://<virtual center name>/../../takecontrol.flp. 

The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error

It seems the takecontrol.flp file is locked. When using a browser  and using the vCenter Server servername  as the URL and selecting Browse datastores in the VirtualCenter inventory the takecontrol.flp file can be seen. However, clicking on the file results in a  Page not found error. Other takecontrol.flp files can be downloaded with no problem.

As soon as the virtual floppy disk is disconnected from the target VM used in the Copy/Move workload job, the takecontrol.flp can be downloaded using the browser. It seems there is a lock on the file which causes the convesion job to stall.


We cannot prove it was the solution, but after a reboot of the vCenter Server all of sudden all the jobs worked perfectly again!

  • Issue: after a succesful discovery of a vCenter Server, the vCenter Server is not shown the the Server window.

A succesful discovered vCenter Server is not shown in the server view of the Portability Client. The ESX hosts managed by this vCenter Server are not shown in the target window when a Copy or Move workload job is selected.


The network of the PlateSpin client might be corrupted.A network in Portability Suite just holds information, kind of like a database.  So it hold information about discovered servers, IP addresses, hostnames, etc.  It is possible that conflicts can exist in a network, for example, if more than one server has the same IP address or hostname.  Also just like a database, information can become corrupt, values could be overwritten or missing, or in the wrong format. 

Create a new network, using the Portability Suit client. Doubleclick on the network line shown on the bottom of the Portability Suite client. Press Add to create a new network. Name it as you like. Select the newly created network and perform a discovery again.

Creating a new network basically let’s you erase all this info and start fresh.

  • Issue: virtual network / VMware virtual machine portgroup is not shown in Portability Suite in job wizard.

Portability Suite 8.1.x does not support the use of virtual machine portgroups created on distributed virtual switches. It only recognises virtual machine portgroups created on standard switches. As such, you have to create a standard switch and add a virtual machine port group to it to be able to convert ESX4 hosts.

  • Issue : unable to discover a vCenter Server 4.0 server using PlateSpin Portability Suite 8.x

When a discover job is run to add a vCenter Server 4.0 to the PlateSpin 8.x client, the job fails. For each ESXi host managed by vCenter Server the job listed the error “failed, non-critical error ignored”. The diagnostics file shows for each host a line saying  ESXhostisbroken


Each ESXi host needs to have a local virtual switch. This is a standard virtual switch. The switch does not need to have a nic attached. A virtual machine group needs to be created on this standard switch. You can name it something like ‘platespin’. Creating a distributed virtual switch will not work for discovering the hosts. Platespin simply does not support this. So you have to manually create a switch on each host. Also to perform a P2V conversion a standard switch with a virtual machine portgroup needs to be available. A virtual machine cannot be connected to a virtual machine portgroup on a distributed switch by PlateSpin migrate.  

See also the Platespin knowledgebase article :

  • Issue ‘take control of virtual machine failed:Take Control of Virtual Machine  Failed

Preparing <servername> (under PlateSpin control) For Synchronization

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


several one time synchronizations jobs fails at Step 3 “Take control of virtual machine”. Before this kind of job performed well.


reboot the Platespin server and re-run the job. It will most likely run succesfully.

  • issue: cannot start Portability Suite Client on Platespin server

When the Portability Suite Client is started, nothing happens. No error on screen, no error in logfiles

Solution: Portability Suite Client is limited to one instance on a server. If more than one client session is needed on the same time, the client needs to be installed on for instance a workstation or other server used for management.

  • Issue: Discovering Server Details Failed

While discovering a server, the job fails. In the errorlog the message below is displayed:

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again

Solution: likely the server has been discovered by someone else. Start a copy/move server job to see if the server is listed.

  • Issue: tranfer of files fails during a physical to virtual conversion

The transfer of data stops at stage 6.9 Copying Volume Data from Source to Target showing an error in the job

Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.

At the Windows PE virtual machine an error is shown: Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file.

Solution: Increase the amount of memory in the Take Control Windows PE guest. After the virtual machine has been created and is about the restart, stop it. Change the defeault value of 348 MB to something like 2048 in the virtual machine properties. Start the VM again and the Windows PE environment should start.


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