Maintenance Mode stuck at 2%

This issue comes up once in a while, when a hosts is put into maintenance mode and some or none of the virtual machines are migrated of the host and the Maintenance Mode task stays at 2%.

There can be various reasons for this, so I decided to sum up all possibilities that can prevent a VM from vmotioning automatically to another host :

  • A VM is attached to an internal only network or virtual switch not available on another ESX server. Check spellings of vSwitches and which network VM is using.
  • VMtools is still installing on a VM.  Complete the installation. 
  • A VM is stored on a datastore local to that ESX host. The VM needs to be on a centralized datastore (SAN etc) that is available to another or all ESX hosts.
  • A CD/Floppy is still attached to VM. Remove the CD or Floppy.
  • DRS had been configured for partially automated and recommendations had been generated. Apply all the the recommendations.

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