VMware versus Microsoft Virtualization, another video

While there is a lot of discussion on  the Microsoft Mythbusters video where MS tries to bust 10 myths, I found another interesting video called VMWare vs. Microsoft Virtualization

In the video Dai Vu, being the product manager for System Center Virtual Machine Manager, tells about Microsoft solution for virtualization and compares it to VMware ‘s solution. I stopped watching when the guy said ” our platform is just as good as VMware’s platform, or even better” and ” if you dig deep there will be some features in our platform is missing”

Again, lots of false and biased information, misleading customers who do not have time or expericence to have a good view of the two products.


About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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