Best practise: SQL Server on VMware ESX

VMware release a new whitepaper describing SQL Server on ESX Best Practises:

Taken from the document:

“Microsoft SQL Server is a very popular and widely deployed general purpose database server supported on Windows Server operating systems. Microsoft has consistently invested to ensure that SQL Server provides a comprehensive general purpose database platform that is competitive with Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL.

Because SQL Server is such a general purpose database server, applications that use SQL Server have very diverse resource requirements. It is very important that you clearly understand both the specific application requirements across important dimensions (including performance, capacity, headroom, and availability), and the virtualization context (including consolidation, scale-up, and scale-out models) when you deploy SQL Server on VMware® Infrastructure.

This best practices paper is for database administrators and IT administrators who are seriously considering virtualizing SQL Server and need to understand:

How to characterize their SQL Server databases for virtualization,

VMware Infrastructure best practices for SQL Server — best practice guidelines for ensuring your VMware Infrastructure platform is properly configured for running SQL Server, including guidance in the areas of CPU, memory, storage, and networking

Deployment and operations — best practice guidelines for deploying SQL Server on VMware Infrastructure focusing on monitoring, management, backup, and related common operational best practices

The recommendations in this paper are not specific to any particular set of hardware or to the size and scope of the SQL Server implementation. The examples and considerations in this document provide guidance only and do not represent strict design requirements. VMware encourages you to use this guidance but also to play close attention to your specific workloads and deployment requirements.

To get the most out of this paper, you should have a basic knowledge of VMware Infrastructure 3 and recent versions of SQL Server (2005 or 2008).”

About Marcel van den Berg
I am a technical consultant with a strong focus on server virtualization, desktop virtualization, cloud computing and business continuity/disaster recovery.

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  1. Karl Kletzenbach says:

    Great blog! Learned so much from it! Awesome! Vielen dank! Keep up the good work. Would be nice if would post on a more regular basis. Hope to see more from you.
    Auf Wiedersehen,

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